Woodcrafters of Virginia specializes in custom mouldings and millwork for the exterior and interior of residential or commercial properties. With over 2,000 profiles in our library, you are certain to find the perfect architectural details needed for doors, windows, openings, and where walls meet floors and ceilings.

Our master craftsmen grind our tools to customize any any shape needed for any design requested. We also match moulding profiles for restoration projects. We utilize a multitude of species of wood and will accommodate any wood species requests. Let our team of experts help you choose the perfect mouldings to enhance your space and create a theme of elegance throughout your space.

Have you been wondering if custom mouldings could work in your house? Are you worried that your ceilings are too low to use it? Concerned that you can’t afford the wide mouldings you’d love? Not sure what style or size to get? And what if you want a contemporary look? Can  you still use mouldings? We have the answer to any question you can think to ask about Mouldings and Millwork!

Please call us 757-425-9494 to talk with one of our woodworking professionals about your moulding needs.

Exterior Trim and Moulding