Composite Decking is available in a variety of hues and wood grain finishes

The appeal of composite decking is that it’s virtually    maintenance-free. It never needs to be sanded, scraped, refinished, or stained. An occasional scrubbing with warm, soapy water will remove most dirt and grime. A little diluted bleach can kill mold and mildew that grow in damp, dark areas of a deck. Most composites are hybrids containing both recycled plastic and wood fibers while some options are 100% plastic. All are worry free and also have realistic looking wood grain patterns molded into their surfaces with a variety of colors to choose from. When outside elements are a factor, especially in coastal areas, Composite Decking may be a good option for your outdoor living space. The world of composite decking has advanced and the real wood look has been perfected. Let our team of experts help you choose the best composite decking to accent the exterior of your property.

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